Luna’s Little Star Dev Log #1

Welcome to our first development log for Luna’s Little Star. This title has been in development since January, and originally began life with a vision for a 3D title. During this stage, there was a lot of learning inovlved using Blender, and it was later decided to move towards a 2D project in April.

Since April, there’s been a lot of progress with the title, from designing the main characters sprite, to development of the forest and village areas. A lot of work has gone into the core mechanics of the game, though there are a lot of placeholder assets used along the way.

Recent changes have lead to a new background for the battle scene in the Forest area. The aim is to have the battle background be different in each area of the game, to really keep consistency in following the battle transitions.

The final focus of this week has been creating the generic NPC template. This has added in the dialog manager and other features, which can be toggled on and off. So now each NPC can deal with movement of the character, enabling dialog, hanging out quests, and soon they’ll also be able to enable shopping.

Due to Luna’s Little Star not being a brand new project, there’s too much to cover with what has been done, so we’ve just shown you some of our most recent updates. We’ve got a lot of upcoming focuses due, but some of our immediate focuses are adding the final area to the forest, development of a custscene system, handling inventory and the forest enemies.