Luna’s Little Star Dev Log #2

Welcome to the second Dev Log for Luna’s Little Star. The latest focus has been related to player inputs, and adding some NPC’s to the village area of the game. The first thing I decided to work on, was adding a better input system to the game. As Luna’s Little Star is going to be released on PC and Android initially (with the scope of other platforms as time goes on), I needed to have a coherant approach to handling input.

Some of my code had been bloated to allow numerous inputs for Keyboard, before I had even considered Gamepads and touch controls. To save some time, I decided to use Incontrol to handle my inputs. Initially, this did create some headaches, but after a few days of looking into it all, I figured it out, and now the game can be played from Keyboard, Gamepad and Touch controls.

Finally, focus has been on adding some NPC’s to the game. Pictures above, there are 3 rows of characters. The top row features the Inn Keeper and Village Elder. In the middle row, we see 3 generic NPC’s. Finally on the botton row, we have the Weapon Master and the Shop Keeper. Each of the NPC’s have idle and movement animations, which are handled by blend trees, and they work perfectly with the waypoint system created in the previous dev cycle.

Coming up next, there’s a focus on building the inventory system, and some work on the enemies for the forest area.

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