Luna’s Little Star Dev Log #5

I’ve been a little quiet lately as my focus has shifted to trying to make cutscenes work. This was a two part problem. The first part was actually making the cutscenes work within Luna’s Little Star. After some research, I finally settled on using Unity’s timeline feature. As the title is a 2D game, this

Luna’s Little Star Dev Log #2

Welcome to the second Dev Log for Luna’s Little Star. The latest focus has been related to player inputs, and adding some NPC’s to the village area of the game. The first thing I decided to work on, was adding a better input system to the game. As Luna’s Little Star is going to be

Luna’s Little Star Dev Log #1

Welcome to our first development log for Luna’s Little Star. This title has been in development since January, and originally began life with a vision for a 3D title. During this stage, there was a lot of learning inovlved using Blender, and it was later decided to move towards a 2D project in April. Since