Luna’s Little Star Dev Log #5

I’ve been a little quiet lately as my focus has shifted to trying to make cutscenes work. This was a two part problem.

The first part was actually making the cutscenes work within Luna’s Little Star. After some research, I finally settled on using Unity’s timeline feature. As the title is a 2D game, this works perfect for me, however there was a slight downside from this as it requires the components needed to be in the scene.

This was an issue as the player is spawned into the game if there is no active player carried through from a previous scene. As such, I have had to disable the player sprite when the cutscene began, and then reenable it after the cutscene fishes. Any other objects not in the scene were able to be attatched as inactive child objects, which I could enable and disable on the fly.

The second part was creating the script to work with Timeline to launch cutscenes depending on certain circumstances. This was the easy part as the script linked the events of the Playable Director and is able to be called when the cutscene changes state. It links into the quest manager to allow changes to quests, and enables some more interactivity the game.

I’m still getting to grips with using this, but in coming days/weeks, I am planning to have some examples of it in action for my social profiles.