Luna’s Little Star Dev Log #3

Welcome to the third Dev Log for Luna’s Little Star. I’ve been a little absent from the Dev Logs recently, but I’ve still been working behind the scenes. To help myself focus, I’ve moved all my scribbles to a Trello board, which I’ve really found to be a help with my focus.

I’ve got several boards set up, some with tasks that I have planned, am currently working on, and have finished. A seperate board is set up to help me manage quest data, and each card belongs to a quest, and has notes on what changes are made in game due to the quest being active or completed, to help me keep a track of world status.

The in game inventory system is now working as it should, with the player now able to use and equip items. I still have more items to add to the game, along with key items and inventory sorting, but it works enough to implement it into the game.

Since the last update, I’ve made a lot of significant changes too. The game now features a specific save object that allows the player to save the game and heal their party while out in the field. Some minor tweaks to the game have also seen more battle friendly names added to the game, so you won’t just see an several enemies all named sprite.

I’ve got a lot of work to do to the battle system, like changing the UI, allowing for healing magic and more. The next big change to the battle system will be a visual cue to allow the player to see just who is attacking, and I’ll be adding a small delay between turns just to keep the game flow.

Going forward, I’ll still be creating this Dev Log’s however I’ll be aiming to do one or two a month to reduce the pressure, but still enough to keep the focus.